Start with the best and plan to finish in front of the rest.
I know this sounds cute but working with Bret and the Butler team exceeded any expectation we had set.
In summary, start to finish including pre inspection, minor repairs and close, 40 days. Bret and the Butler team had all the data points, resources and expertise to bring it all together.
What was so refreshing to see in action was insight, recommendation and results. Having a clear understanding of the market conditions and what it would take to accomplish our goals was second nature.
When we started the process we found a home to purchase but wanted to sell first. Bret and the team were straight shooters and respected our intentions. In addition when we were frustrated with our resources on the buy side we were able to tap into their network of pros and coordinate both the sell and buy in 50 days.
Without a doubt the best the go to pro team.
– February 2017

Start with the best and plan to finish in front of the rest.

We found the whole experience to be about as stress free as possible thanks to the experience, advice and responsiveness that we got from Bret. We were on a tight timeline and Bret made certain everything happened. He was always there for us. We felt his knowledge of our specific development resulted in us getting the best sales price. Would not hesitate to recommend Butler & Butler to any seller.

Service provided: Listed & Sold a Single Family home for approximately $1.075M
– August, 2016

Would not hesitate to recommend Butler & Butler to any seller.

Bret was fantastic to work with. We entered the market at a challenging time so it took a little longer to sell than we’d hoped, but they marketed the house beautifully (recommending landscapers and carpet installers, and sending over professional stagers and a photographer). The house looked gorgeous both online and in the glossy brochures – everything they did was top notch. And it ultimately paid off – we ended up getting the exact price he thought we’d get from the beginning. Bret went above and beyond to get the sale closed and to ensure a smooth closing process. He was recommended to us by a neighbor who had a successful sale, whose brother had a successful sale, and it just goes to show that you can’t go wrong with a referral. On top of it all he’s a genuinely nice guy. Super responsive to phone calls and emails, and very easy to work with. Highly recommended.
Service provided: Listed & Sold a Single Family home for approximately $575K
– Blohowiak ~ March, 2016 

Highly recommended.

Dear Bret,
Within five months, the beginning of a transition – and the completion of an important transition. You have been instrumental in this happening – outstanding in your competence, in your professionalism, in your even-temperedness throughout the days of this journey. I use ‘out-standing’ not lightly. In the presence of this too often selected descriptor, you have ‘stood’ ‘out’ above your peers, above the peers with whom we have worked though our thirty years or transitioning between homes. You have been thoughtful in your consideration of our needs, articulate and gracious about the stresses and strains encountered with the realities and unrealities of the buyers and their representatives, and very, very kind. You have advised well and negotiated well. You have represented our value and the sacredness of our home in the face of those yet to learn abut this.
Michael and I are most grateful. Thank you.
Ellen and Michael
Service provided: Listed & Sold a Single Family home for approximately $1.15M
– Beauchamp & Mustafaga, ~ Sept, 2015 

You have been instrumental in this happening – outstanding in your competence, in your professionalism…

I have never seen a more professional and driven team of people in this industry. I interviewed a dozen real estate professionals, but when I met with Greg, I knew that I had found the professionals that I needed to sell my home. Greg’s professionalism and determination to leave no stone unturned to market and sell my house was unparalleled. I especially enjoyed discussing marketing strategies with Greg and his insistence do everything and anything to stage and market the home.

Quality and speed were top of mind and their marketing program was flawless and extensive. They unleashed an amazing amount of quality marketing from day one that resulted in selling our house with multiple offers in 5 days. They truly are the best in their field. Too bad I moved away from Seattle, otherwise, I had found my real estate agents for life.

Service provided: Listed & Sold a Single Family home for approximately $1.0M
– Sassans, ~ June, 2015

I have never seen a more professional and driven team of people…

Thank you so much for the beautiful and very large bottle of wine you sent me.  As always I was so happy, as was my Dad, with the outcome of the sale of the house. His house was more of an emotional investment for me and you seemed to truly understand that aspect and helped guide me through the process. I thank you for that!

I will, of course, continue to refer you to anyone I know who’s in the market of either buying or selling a home. You guys are truly the best in the real estate market!

– Kathy Rumberger, Woodinville, WA ~ May 1, 2015

Truly the best in the real estate market!

We knew from our first meeting at Ring Hill that you would be perfect to help us with our home sale. When it became apparent that we needed help, you were the clear choice. We appreciate your dedication to the sale of our home, your responsiveness to all of our questions and needs, and your tireless efforts not only selling our home but securing a great deal on our new home. Your patience and efforts paid off. We are thrilled with our new home and know it is the place that we are “meant to be.” Thank you for making the whole process easier for us from our first meeting to our closing day. We will not hesitate to refer you to our friends.
– David, Tracey, Hannah and Cole Gangwish

You would be perfect to help us

Greg, Sunny, Bret and Lisa are an outstanding team or realtors. The depth of knowledge, level or professionalism and sheer determination they bring to any sale or purchase is invaluable. Selling your home can be fairly emotional, not to mention stressful. Their advice and calm perspective on what needs to be done, what you can realistically expect, and their ability to attract that one buyer who is going to love your house is not something you get with most agents. If you do exactly what they suggest, you WILL sell your home faster and at a better price than anyone else could have negotiated for you.
– Clark Ransom

Outstanding team of realtors

Six months with another real estate agent and not a single offer. Two months with Butler and Butler and the house was sold. These are the people you need to work with. They understand the market and know how to stage and sell a property. They were all great to work with and know how to get the job done.
– John and Dorothy Patton

These are the people you need to work with

It takes teamwork to create a successful sale. Working as a team, all of the Butlers –Greg, Sunny, Bret and Lisa — guided us through a major house clean up, site preparation, staging, negotiation, and sale. Each brought a different expertise to the process, demonstrating their extensive experience. For example, Greg recommended the work that needed to be done and connected us with the contractors who could do the job, Sunny made the house interior spaces look better than they ever had before, Bret and Lisa brought in promising clients and hosted the open houses, and each of them went the extra mile everyday. The result? In a down market, our home still sold in just over a month. We highly recommend them.
– Elva and Tony Dirksen

We highly recommend them