Greg, Sunny, Bret and Lisa are an outstanding team of realtors. The depth of knowledge, level of professionalism and sheer determination they bring to any sale or purchase is invaluable. Selling your home can be fairly emotional, not to mention stressful. Their advice and calm perspective on what needs to be done, what you can realistically expect, and their ability to attract that one buyer who is going to love your house is not something you get with most agents. If you do exactly what they suggest, you WILL sell your home faster and at a better price than anyone else could have negotiated for you.
– Clark Ransom

Outstanding team of realtors

Six months with another real estate agent and not a single offer. Two months with Butler and Butler and the house was sold. These are the people you need to work with. They understand the market and know how to stage and sell a property. They were all great to work with and know how to get the job done.
– John and Dorothy Patton

These are the people you need to work with

It takes teamwork to create a successful sale. Working as a team, all of the Butlers –Greg, Sunny, Bret and Lisa — guided us through a major house clean up, site preparation, staging, negotiation, and sale. Each brought a different expertise to the process, demonstrating their extensive experience. For example, Greg recommended the work that needed to be done and connected us with the contractors who could do the job, Sunny made the house interior spaces look better than they ever had before, Bret and Lisa brought in promising clients and hosted the open houses, and each of them went the extra mile everyday. The result? In a down market, our home still sold in just over a month. We highly recommend them.
– Elva and Tony Dirksen

We highly recommend them

To the Butler Team – Your whole team is amazing! I cannot thank you enough for the great job you did in selling my Woodinville home. Professional-Persistent-Personable: in every aspect of your efforts with my home you exceeded my expectations. In a truly difficult market you brought qualified buyers, did great marketing, held the deal together and gave me great input and guidance throughout the whole process. Your knowledge and enthusiasm for Woodinville makes the difference, as does your hard work, high standards and sheer tenacity. Changing agents to work with the Butler team was the best decision I could have made! Thank you all.
– Christine

Great job you did in selling my Woodinville home

From beginning to end, the BB team was thoughtful, proactive, and respectful. Their tireless dedication to the entire process combined with a lot of patience were critical in our successful move. We received great advice/representation in the sales of one home and the purchase of another. We initially sought out their team based on experience in Woodinville and found a whole lot more. We have no hesitation giving the BB team our highest recommendation.
– Mike and Deborah

BB team our highest recommendation

When we first talked about starting the house hunting in earnest, we knew it would have to be at the right time and with help from the right folks. Fortunately for us, we were blessed to have both. Bret & Lisa were the perfect realtors and they helped find the perfect home for our family. We heard a lot of strange stories from our friends about their realtors. Our experience was quite the opposite. It was actually quite exciting and enjoyable. Bret/Lisa were extremely patient in hearing what we had to say, they understood what we were looking for, showed us some good homes and were prompt in responding to our questions. We even benefited from their advice and unique perspective on each of the houses. They did a great job with negotiating a great deal, helping with the home inspection and numerous other things that went into closing the deal. I don’t know if realtors are supposed to do this much. Bret/Lisa definitely set a high bar. They have a genuine passion for their work and it was our pleasure to work with them. Thank you Bret/Lisa.
– Adrian, Andrea, Dani and Gaby

They did a great job

Bret Butler was amazing to work with. This was my first time buying a home and he helped me every step of the way and made the process effortless. He knew how to make sure everything got done in a timely manner and was always very easy to get a hold of. I would recommend Bret to anyone attempting to buy a new home in a heartbeat!
– Damon Friend

Amazing to work with

Thanks to all of you! We could look the whole world over and never find a nicer group. You are thoughtful, caring, generous, warmhearted and, most of all…appreciated! We thank you for everything you’ve done to make a smooth transaction. It couldn’t have been done without the full team’s expertise.
– Bob and Gail

Thanks to all of you!

From our very first meeting with you, when we were interviewing realtors for listing our home, to our final “celebration” get-together, we’ve been struck by the head-and-shoulders difference between “Team Butler”… and all the others. You weren’t the first we talked to, and we had others already scheduled after you as well. But our decision was made for us by both our minds– and our hearts. You kept every promise you ever made. Never, even in the most trying circumstances of the last year, did you stop heavily marketing our home and giving us your very best and constant effort. Let me also say that the Butler marketing approach is the most powerful in the area… hands down. You are special people with a warm, sincere, caring nature that goes beyond what the mere “job” calls for. Your commitment to your client rises to a whole different level of relationship that reflects your personal warmth and high standards. We’ve gained two friends we’ll always think of fondly… and with gratitude for the way you cared. You guys not only made a difference… you WERE the difference.
– Mike and Doreen

Hands down

We want to thank each of you for your part in helping us sell our home. We know how fortunate we are that we got a buyer in “this” market. Our thanks go out to Bret for being such a good sport with all of our banter and being so patient with the countless phone calls of worry and concern. Bret has great customer service. Our thanks go out to Sunny for seeing and appreciating the detail and uniqueness of our home (and for recommending the selling price). Our thanks are to Greg for being the voice of experience and for keeping attention to all details in line. We are sincere when we say, we will refer your team and we do hope our paths cross again.
– Doug and Laurie

Keeping attention to all details in line